Are We Not Billy Crudup?

The date: May 15th
The place: Fifth Avenue at 18th Street
Sighted: "Saw Billy Crudup talking on his blackberry, huddled in a phone booth on 5th Avenue just below 19th street. He is short and had a stupid mustache which was creepily reddish and not the same color as his hair. Looked a little freaked out as I turned to… » 5/23/07 3:12pm 5/23/07 3:12pm

Vanilla Ice Will Kill Someone Soon

The date: April 28, 2007
The place: 42nd and 2nd
Sighting: Vanilla Ice in the flesh at McFadden's Saturday night around midnight. Made a big entrance and got behind the bar, but never actually sang. Ice Ice Baby did play in the background. Looked as good as a former Surreal Life star can... tattoos and tilted hat and… » 5/02/07 2:02pm 5/02/07 2:02pm

Stalk of the Town: Kevin Costner in 'Waterweight'

The time: 9:30 p.m.
The date: April 4th
The place: Butter, 415 Lafayette Street
Sighted: "Kevin Costner drinking and dining at Butter. Boy oh boy was he enjoying that food. He is a FAT, HUGE WHALE. I actually didn't believe it was him until I heard him talking. What happened? I'm traumatized." » 4/11/07 2:45pm 4/11/07 2:45pm